Valens Cosmetics

Valens Cosmetics is a startup organic skincare business, based in Copenhagen,

that needed a visual identity and branding strategy for social media.

After several discussions with the client, we concluded that the new brand

should look and feel unique, professional and trustworthy.

The uniqueness of brand was based on the fact that the products are handmade

with only natural and cold pressed ingredients. In order to communicate this

visually, I’ve created a custom logotype that illustrates the handmade feel.

For the other key words, professionalism and trust, the social media strategy

comes into place. The brand will have content that is transparent and shows

that all products are created in a sanitary environment, with all professional

tools and ingredients. The feed will also display what the brand stands for, which

is the love and respect for nature.

What we did

  • Visual identity
  • Content strategy
  • Photography