B2B Website – EcoTree

About the company

EcoTree is an European provider of nature based solutions that benefit the environment. Individuals and companies can contribute to the development of forestry and biodiversity projects.

Context & brief

In the complex world of carbon capture, an essential tool in the fight against climate change, EcoTree developed new solutions for companies to help them move forward on their path to sustainability. And so, they needed a new website to highlight this expertise. Here’s where my team’s role came into play.

In short, the brief was to make sure that customers would be able to easily access the information about what the company is offering and understand the benefits of working with EcoTree. The keywords are: expertise, corporate & nature-based solutions.

Taking into account that the process involved many teams, from both France & Denmark, we set up a clear process to follow in order to bring clarity and structure to the project.

We started out by working on the structure of the site, by creating a sitemap and deciding on which type of sections would be relevant to each page.

Next, we’ve created wireframes and collaborated with the marketing department & copywriters to develop the storytelling.

Once we all aligned on the structure and content, we started working on the visual part of the design, based on the templates from our design system. So the work also included selecting & editing the photos, selecting pictograms and creating infographics to show for example users how carbon is absorbed in different ecosystems.

Thank you for your attention and may the forest be with you!